vrijdag 27 april 2012

April 26 and 27 2012

We're enjoying a spell of great days with sunny skies and steady S/SW winds here on Texel. Temps are up too. These last two days were great and starting tommorow a strong NE flow will develop. This is always great on Texel: it can last for days with strong "heavy" high pressure winds. Spring is in the air, all the colours on Texel are crisp and clean and René and I had a blast at Paal 9. The pictures give a great impression of our sessions. René is on the Goya sail, I'm on the yellow Sailworks Revo 4,6 m2. We had steady S/SW winds that were strong enough for my 4,6m2. It was however really choppy, but just in front of the first break it was very smooth. You can see that smooth patch when René comes over a wave (first pic) and you can also see it when I'm bottomturning (4th pic). After the actions pictures, there will be some body pictures with some further explanation. All pictures were taken by Jeroen Bakker, thanks!
René over the top
The sunlight makes this breaking wave a gem
I mean, look at these colours, and how crowded our beaches are!
Bart bottomturning on the smoother patches
Still love to just powerjibe

Bart & René

OK, now back to the body. Exactly the same wetsuit, same body, different era's. The first picture is from yesterday, the other is from 2008 taken on the banks of The Ray of Southend (UK) during the Drivenbywind Speedevent (courtesy pic: John Carter). I didn't and don't speedsurf with leadjackets, I just start eating months ahead. Works fine building up weight. It is easier however to put off a leadjacket. 2012: my Spartan 2XL sits a bit loose around the corpus. 


2008: same 2XL wetsuit, but easiliy could have had a 3XL back then...

Two more of René having fun at Paal 9 yesterday:


maandag 2 april 2012

Paal 9, Saturday March 31st 2012

A group of mainland windsurfers visited Texel for a weekend roadtrip, but this time Texel just didn't want to play.....We had an extraordinary strong current that just pulled you off your feet when you tried to launch! It was quite dazzling. The combination of springtide and strong N/NW winds were the culprits. It was also a bit colder than previous days, but all things said, I still enjoyed my session. To counter the current I took a larger board (105) and for power my Hucker 5,6 m2. It was really nice that some pictures were made (thanks Arno!).