maandag 6 augustus 2012

Dorian wins GOLD!

Fellow Texelaar Dorian van Rijsselberge has won the Olympic Gold 2012 in the RS-X class with a crushing and historic lead. Great stuff!

Over the past years I've had the opportunity to enjoy some great sessions with Dorian and his brother Adriaan here on Texel, not much, but still. Dorian is one talented guy and he's not only capable on the RS-X. I remember one  session at The Hors I think 2 years ago, when Dorian, in the middle of his RS-X training program, was up for some freesailing and on his somewhat older waveset pulled out a whole bunch of planning frontloops, dry backloops and goiters with such ease. He's a windsurfer through and through and I really hope RS-X stays Olympic so Dorian can be "presevered" for windsurfing.       

July 24th first ever "Rondje Texel" on SUPS!

Blogauthor and fellow Texel locals RenĂ© Jager and Richard Koopman were the first to complete the famous "Ronde om Texel" on SUPS on July 24 2012!  One for the history books!

Richard calculated the best starting time in order to avoid strong currents head on. We left at 8.00 am at Paal 9 and arrived back at 17.00 pm: tired, but it was really great. Texel is a beautiful island and on a SUP the perspective is simply spectacular. We don't have much days with such calm weather (usually it's windy..) so this day was perfect. It was hot, sunny with almost no wind. Our peak speed was 14,6 km/h riding the strong current from Oudeschild into the Marsdiep and back to The Northsea. The total distance was 58 kms. We all were all on Starboard Coast Runners which is a great board for such trips. 

Richard, Bart and René at the start at Paal 9
Rene and Bart at the lighthouse on the northern tip op Texel
Our GPS track   

At the "IJzeren Kaap" on the Waddenzee side of Texel  

A quick rest at the most southern tip of  Texel "The Hors"

Arriving back at Paal 9
Blogauthor glad to be back....