zondag 24 oktober 2010

De Hors again! October 24st 2010

Today RenĂ© and I set out to De Hors again. Predictions were for sunshine and good constant northwesterly winds between 20 and 30 knots. And that's what we got. This time we even got the tide right. When we arrived at The Hors most of it was still under water. The small waves were already waiting for us and some seals too! The waves are not often big at The Hors: they just peel around the edge of Texel from the Northsea into the Marsdiep (the stretch of water that separates Texel from the mainland). But the waves are often long and clean and with side-off winds they are so much fun. Today Caren volunteered to make pictures after I begged her. Because the water was still high, she couldn't make it all the way to the waterfront where we were playing, but the pictures from far actually give a great impression of how special De Hors really is, and how lucky I am to have this spot in my backyard.

Thursday 21st October 2010 De Hors

Today Edwin, Bob and I set out to The Hors yet again this week. RenĂ© followed us later. We had a lot of wind and sunshine. The wind was west making it not the usual perfect side-off we love so much at The Hors. Above all the tide current was working against us this time, making our trip an exercise in constant upwind sailing. But still great fun.

Edwin's kit resting

Bob and blogauthor pose

woensdag 20 oktober 2010

Saturday October 15th 2010 Paal 28

This saturday we had a bunch of guys and Julia over from the mainland. Predictions were for good winds and good swell. In the north of Texel at Paal 28 the wind was side/sideoffshore, sometimes a bit light on the inside, but still good for sails between 4,7 and 5,3. The sun was out, it was a bit cold, but the action was on! Great to see our homebreaks on Texel enjoyed by others too!

Bas Molenkamp was stylish (pic by Julia Meijer)

Martin ten Hoeve was radical (pic by Julia Meijer)

Torben Tijms' timing is spot on  (pics by blogauthor)

Two riders who were rippin's as well (still unknown to blogauthor,....I'm sorry...)