dinsdag 22 mei 2012

May 21st 2012, Paal 33, De Cocksdorp

In spring when a north-easterly flow develops we usually get a longer period of goods winds on Texel. It can last up for more than a week. The effect is local with the still cold sea and the very much warmer land. The flow tends to get stronger day by day. Today it set in with a constant 12 - 16 knots making it again a great easy going session  together with Joost on our larger gear (8,5 m2).  After 30 somewhat years of windsurfing, I still just love to just cruise around planing with no fancy stuff whatsoever. 

This is the jetty at Paal 33 for the boat "De Vriendschap" which in summer ferries between Texel and Vlieland    
I like this one of Joost: you can feel the "glide"

Joost himself
Blogauthor on his "glide"


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