vrijdag 18 mei 2012

May12th, Paal 33, De Cocksdorp

This saturday Joost and I had a great day at the most northern tip of Texel at Paal 33, De Cocksdorp. We had sunshine and a very consistent wind of about 20 knots from the west / northwest. The Eilander Catamaran School has started their season, so that makes for a more lively scene. Joost and I were on our large slalomboards with 7,2 and 7,5 sails. We made longs runs to the sandbars between Texel and the adjacent  island of Vlieland. Sticking out of the sandbars was something I lost there on March 10th......I'll make a seperate post of that. First back to some pics of this session. It was a great day of free sailing and fun.

Our playground for the day

In sync! 


Bart, visible in the background is the island of Vlieland

Bart (the surf on the horizon are the waves breaking on the the sandbars between Texel and Vlieland) 

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